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Released: Feb 23, 2009
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Release Notes


  • Fixed bug where MeasureMode and Status in the GpsData object defaulted to TwoDimensional and Other if they are not specified.
  • The ImageUtility class has been changed from a few static methods to being a class that can be instantiated and ties the image library options together.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the ImagelibraryTests to fail. The finalize method in the Exif class was calling Dispose on the Bitmap object even when this did not exist.


  • Added an overload on the ExecuteSqlBatchesInTransaction method, this takes 2 parameters, the first an assembly containing SQL files as emmbedded resource files and a file that list the order that these resources should be executed in. The second parameter is the name of this manifest file (the manifest file is also an embedded resource).
  • Added try..catch when processing SQL commands that are embedded resources. The name of the resource file that is listed in the manifest file is returned to help when debugging.
  • If an exception is thrown the exception is rethrown and the inner exception now contains more data to help when debugging exceptions.
  • Entries in the manifest file can start with # to indicate a comment and blank lines can also be added and these will be ignored.

WebControlLibrary new:

  • Added WebControlLibrary project to the library. This will contain common controls that are often used in most web applications. This currently features the ThumbnailImage control.
  • ThumbnailImage properties are now saved to ViewState to ensure that the properties are not lost on postback.
  • Tidied up the ThumbnailImage control's use of viewstate and added a CheckBox control that has a value property that can be used for storing the data ID of the item that is being checked.


  • Added FtpWrapper and MsmqWrapper's-these are still work in progress. The FtpWrapper provides an easy class to upload and download files via Ftp while the MsmqWrapper provides a nice wrapper for sending messages to message queues without the client having to be concerned if the queue is a transactional queue or not.
Added EncryptionWrapper, this encapsulates the code required to encrypt & decrypt data. The FTPWrapper also contains a method that encrypts the file before uploading (assuming something can decrypt the file on the other end).
  • Automated the ability to send concatenated text messages, the sending class now calculates if the message is over 160 characters and if so it then sets the appropriate properties in the query string API call to Bulk SMS.

  • Added more unit tests to improve coverage of code for the libraries.
  • Changed assembly names to match the root namespace for each project.

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