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Project Description

The Dot Net Library contains several common functions that should should really have been included in the .NET Framework but for one reason or another haven't been. The project contains several projects that build into .dll's that can be used by any .NET project (version 2.0 onwards).
I personally have used these many times and hope that others find these useful too to include in their projects. This project will be ongoing with the idea being that extra functionality will be added all the time.

Each library is grouped by functionality so projects only need to add a reference to what is required.


  • Send SMS text messages to devices.
  • Send one message to many recipients.
  • Schedule messages to be sent at a certain date and time.
  • Send concatenated SMS text messages (messages over 160 characters)

DatabaseLibrary (SQL Database helper)
  • Create, Drop and List Databases on a SQL Server.
  • Create and Drop Users, Logins and Roles on a database on a SQL Server.
  • Execute a batch of .sql files transactionally.

  • Retrieve the Exif Tags from an image to retrieve data that is encoded in images (such as the date & time a photograph was taken).
  • Retrieve the GPS data (latitude, longitude, altitude and many more) from geo-tagged photographs.
  • An enhanced CreateThumbnail method-this thumbnails the image keeping the scale and also alows clients to choose the quality of the thumbnail.

  • Easily create HTTP GET and POST requests and retrieve the resulting document as a string.
  • Work with GPS positional data.
  • Convert Degrees, Minutes and Second format to Decimal easily.

  • ThumbnailImage control
  • CheckBox value control-just like the regular ASP.NET Checkbox, but contains a value property.

  • Generate new machine keys.
  • Copy web.config files (used to help when multiple developers are working on a project and have different web.config files)

A set of unit tests for the entire solution.

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